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Proxxon Tools for Sale

Proxxon #23083

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3/8" drive Rotary Ratchet

This is it! Once you have experienced it, you will not want to miss it.

This ratchet is extremely helpful in tight spots when you have no room to swivel the handle in order to get to the next "click".
Even though this ratchet has many fine teeth, you may run out of room after breaking a bolt or nut loose. The solution to that problem is to simply rotate the handle which not only spins in one direction but can also be spun in either direction with the same ratcheting motion.
Due to the fine teeth together with the rotating action, you can now locate the ratchet in the exact spot needed before you use more force in order to tighten or loosen the item you are working on.
Ever had the problem needing both hands after breaking a bolt loose or just getting it started because your ratchet just moves it back and forth but will not engage to the "next click"? Now you can simply keep your ratchet in one position without the need to hold onto the extension, socket or bolt you can tighten or loosen it by spinning the handle with one hand.

It even features a female 1/4" drive on the end of the handle so you can add the 1/4" rotary ratchet and work around two corners!
The switch for reversing the direction can also be operated with one hand.

It also features a quick release button in the center.

The handle is pretty large and several professionals besides me have noticed that due to the larger size of this ratchet compared to other 3/8" drive units have sometimes used more force than we normally should.
Nobody has experienced any problems or failures due to this hard use with the Proxxon Rotary Ratchet.
For tighter spots where a smaller ratchet head is needed I suggest the use of the Proxxon Micro ratchets #23164, 23166 and 23168, which are also available thru T-LO's.

The Rotary Ratchet is also available in 1/4"
1/4" size but not in 1/2".
None of the Rotary Ratchets are available in any of the Proxxon ratchet and socket sets and are only sold individually.

One of the best tools I have ever experienced.


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