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About Prescott Backcountry Tours

T-Lo’s Prescott Backcountry Tours is located in beautiful Prescott, Arizona, the “Mile High City” with the many surrounding Mountains, Lakes and Creeks, also home of T-Lo’s Ultimate Offroad.

When Thilo, friends and family first started to explore the surrounding areas with Unimogs and Pinzgauers over 15 years ago, many people, even long time Prescott residents, did not really know how to reach some of the stunning, but rugged and remote areas in nature around Prescott. We soon realized that these vehicles are the ticket to do so.

As one of the key Pinzgauer and Unimog service facility's in the US and the well over a decade long experience with supporting Tour operators using these vehicles in many other locations-- mainly five of the Hawaiian Islands-- gave Thilo the experience needed to understand and confirm that these are the most capable vehicles available for such tours.

In the years of driving around with the “T-LO’s Ultimate Offroad” sign on the trucks the question “Are you offering Tours?” came up way too often to go unnoticed. The fact that there has not been any serious and professionally operated Tour business in the Prescott area while Sedona and other places seem to be flooded with such operations has raised the question of “Why not Prescott?”.

In the past few years the idea took shape and after spending time reviewing the situation and making sure a unique and community based operation could successfully be started offering a high value for visitors and local folks alike, we began.

The positive feedback from every possible angle then helped substantially to get this idea in motion. Very helpful for this start was the fact that the vehicles were proven to work fantastic, all tools, parts and knowledge to keep them running safely and dependably at all times were already in place as well as the 15+ years of Thilo’s driving experience as an insurance for fully safe operation in any situation.

We have studied many routes, configurations and possibilities and came to the conclusion that the goal is to keep Prescott Backcountry Tours reasonable in every way: Impact on environment, Duration, Terrain, Requirements for passengers, Balance of driving time v.s. breaks and exploring, variety and last but not least: the affordability. The shorter adventures with a duration of about 2 hours are available starting at $45.00 per person. Children and family / group discounts are available. We will be offering MANY different services for folks such as group events and special tours. Go to “CUSTOM TOURS” for more info.

Check out the photos gallery of some maiden voyages to get an idea about what we can offer. Did you know that the tallest mountain in Yavapai County is actually very close to Prescott? Let us take you there! Go to “PICK A TOUR” for more info.

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