Pinzgauer Action Pics in Prescott AZ Forest

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Beautiful Prescott Forest
w/very small undeveloped trails:
Pinzgauer Country!

Going downhill
through a ditch

We are still
designing & prototyping
seats on top. Fun!

"short wheelbase"

Excellent view
of the
portal axle design

Tight areas in the
forest are not a
problem even with
a 6x6 Pinzgauer

This is what
an unloaded Pinzgauer
does on rocks

At this
it's only a 4x4

Not really a
rock climber
the 6x6
is very impressive

The tailpipe scraped
only a little bit;
maybe this truck needs
T-LO's custom exhaust
system with high clearance...

Going over
a soft hill

Carefully going
on soft ground

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